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......@@ -58,15 +58,17 @@ Design a greeter dialog that:
A single welcome and settings screen, which is always displayed, that acts as a "Check & Go" screen, as well as a hub for editing settings.
<img src="" width="100%" height="auto" />
<img src="" width="100%" height="auto" />
[full size bitmap](
[full size bitmap](
<img src="" width="100%" height="auto" />
## Greeter States
[full size bitmap](
<img src="" width="100%" height="auto" />
[full size bitmap](
## UX for specific options
Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month
- anonym might already have dealt with [[!tails_ticket 7182]]: Identical branch HEADs can result in Vagrant building from the wrong branch
- intrigeri is working on [[!tails_ticket 5650]] (rngd)
- bertagaz is also working in background on [[!tails_ticket 7675]]
- [[!tails_ticket 6311]] is better done after [[!tails_ticket 6310]]
Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
- [[!tails_ticket 11075]]: Remove "Power Off" and "Reboot" from Applications → System Tools: we finally didn't had time to deal with this.
- [[!tails_ticket 11175]]: Decrease I/O load created by isotesters on lizard - this one was meant for bertagaz.
Availability and plans until the next meeting
- intrigeri: in March I should be mostly available for Tails. focus on SponsorS deliverables (mainly: freezable APT repo). except I'll have 1 week "off" (with lots time with new/wannabe contributors)
- emmapeel is frontdesk,Valencia, translators, doc tickets, translation worflow
- sajolida
0. Refine the ideal workflow and review early mockups on [[network connection|]] (on Sunday).
1. Make plans on what to do now and what to postpone regarding IA+DAVE.
2. Invoice the two latest funders milestone.
3. Start working on the redesign of the download page.
- muri: iff, beach, cij; then clearing translation backlog; doing some other tickets i've on my watchlist; also thinking about writing a small python keysingning ui
- anonym: I expect to be available all non-weekends all of March. I'll re-focus again on test suite robustness work, particularly on [[!tails_ticket 9521]] and trying out dogtail a bit more ([[!tails_ticket 7729]], [[!tails_ticket 10721]]). it also looks like I'll work on Icedove integration, unexpectedly. And look at Tails verifier.
- segfault: I will have more time in the next month than in february. I still want to work on the boot and upgrade process and on Tails server [[!tails_ticket 5688]]). And I'm looking forward to the review of the Tails verifier :)
- bertagaz: March, mostly available hopefully, but focused on the monitoring deployment
[[!tails_ticket 11047 desc="Decide if we want to have monthly reports and who should edit them"]]
- Everybody likes reports, but nobody gives input for them. Maybe a report that is incomplete is ok.
- sajolida feels is a lot of effort to go through the logs or ask people for input.
- Many of the 5 people that committed to make reports is not on this meeting so we skip the decision...
- sajolida: is happy to manage the April report (or March) even, but somebody has to handle the weight of the Feb report
[[!tails_ticket 11099 desc="Decide which pinentry we want to ship"]]
- This and other related pinentry tickets will be taken by segfault. We will drop the custom code! yay!
- This and other related pinentry tickets will be taken by segfault. We decided to use pinentry-gtk2 with the --no-global-grab option, which fixes #11038. We preferred this over pinentry-gnome3, because pinentry-gnome3 grabs the mouse, which would be a UX regression for KeePassX users.
- pinentry-gtk2 + no-grab is acceptable, given the UX regression seems to affect very, very few users (but the UX improvement would affect many users)
- [[!tails_ticket 11038]] pinentry and gnome shell's top bar cause freeze
[[!tails_ticket 11042 desc="alt + shift switch the keyboard layout without indicating it in the keyboard layout menu"]]
- intrigeri takes it
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