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[[!meta title="Maintain our packages in Debian"]]
Tails not only relies on Debian, but on some specific Debian packages which
need to be kept up-to-date.
The person maintaining our packages in Debian is also responsible for tracking
Debian bugs and forwarding them upstream. This also holds true for tracking
bugs related to these packages in Tails and forwarding them to Debian.
Each package listed below is in the scope of this role:
- as long as we ship these packages in Tails
- until the EOL of the last Debian stable release (including
LTS) we put it in, even if we drop the package from Tails:
including a package in a stable Debian release implies
a commitment to maintain it during its lifetime.
The maintainer of our Debian packages needs to take care of [a bunch of
Review and sponsor
Furthermore, the maintainer of our packages in Debian shall review and
[a few more packages](
Not in the scope of this mission
These packages are not part of this mission:
* [Debian AppArmor team]('s packages:
maintained by members of that team
* Perl libraries our custom software depends on: intrigeri does it
with his Debian hat.
* [[!debpts torbrowser-launcher]]: we only use its AppArmor profiles,
that we could easily take from upstream if the Debian package was
not maintained.
* [Debian release schedule](
* [Ubuntu release schedule](, generally
in April and October
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