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......@@ -793,7 +793,7 @@ Update the size of the ISO image in `inc/*`:
Generate the expected signature verification output:
gpg --keyid-format long --verify "${ISO_PATH}.sig" "${ISO_PATH}" 2>&1 | \
gpg --keyid-format 0xlong --verify "${ISO_PATH}.sig" "${ISO_PATH}" 2>&1 | \
sed 's/ /\&nbsp;/g;s/</\&lt;/;s/>/\&gt;/;s/$/<br\/>/g' > \
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ OpenPGP Keys</a> by <em>Riseup</em>.</p>
1. Install the Debian keyring. It contains the OpenPGP keys of all Debian developers:
sudo apt-get install debian-keyring/jessie
sudo apt install debian-keyring/jessie
1. Import the OpenPGP key of [[!wikipedia Stefano_Zacchiroli]], a former
Debian Project Leader, from the Debian keyring into your keyring:
......@@ -128,8 +128,8 @@ using the Tails signing key.
a. Debian, execute the following command to add the
backports repository to your system:
echo 'deb jessie-backports main' | \
sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jessie-backports.list
BACKPORTS='deb jessie-backports main'
echo $BACKPORTS | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jessie-backports.list && echo "OK"
b. Ubuntu, execute the following command to add the
PPA repository to your system:
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