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We're not considering have a Q&A forum anymore

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Let's wait until we
[[todo/decide_what_kind_of_web_support_do_we_want_to_provide]] first.
If we decide to improve Askbot to our requirements here is some food for
- <>
- Django webapp, forked from OSQA.
- <>
- Most of the development is [done by 2
they are also selling it as a service.
- The commit count looks promising: 393 (2009), 594 (2010), 1249
(2011), 1106 (2012)
### Debian packaging
- [[!debbug 687966 desc="RFP #687966"]]
- Has [many dependencies]( outside of Debian:
- akismet
- coffin
- django-keyedcache
- django-robots
- django-kombu
- django-followit
- django-recaptcha-works
- markdown2
- pystache
- pytz
- longusername
### Features
- Anonymous posting: filling up the email field is
required but the validity of the email is not checked.
- Email notifications:
- *Asked by me*
- *Answered by me*
- *Individually selected*
- *Entire forum (tag filtered)*
- *Comments and posts mentioning me*
- List matching questions on the fly when typing a new question.
- The software is
[translated]( but there
is no multilingual support from the web interface.
- No subsite feature.
### Wishlist
* Add multilanguage feature to:
- allow users to change the language of the interface they see
- allow to filter the content by the language of the questions
* Add a subsite feature:
- a single login should allow to post on different subsites
- a single user might have different credentials, karmas and badges
in different subsites
- allow to move questions between subsites (if allowed to do so)
- subsites can be tied to one or more languages (see multilanguage)
Supports Markdown
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