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Release process: document best practice to handle release process as a checklist

This is what I've been doing for years and it works well. Let's share this so
the next RM we onboard does not have to reinvent this wheel after N occurrences
of "oops, I did not do step X because I meant to come back to it later and
I forgot".
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See the [[release_schedule]].
<div class="caution">
Read the remainder of this document from the branch used to prepare the release
after having merged the current master branch into it!
Prepare your checklist
1. Merge the current `master` branch into the branch used to prepare the release
(`stable` for a bugfix release, `testing` for a RC or a major release).
2. Copy this very file from the branch used to prepare the release
to some place outside of Git.
3. Close the version of this file that's in Git.
4. From now on, follow the instructions in your own local copy, using it as
a checklist: delete steps once you've successfully completed them.
This ensures you won't mistakenly skip a step, without relying on memory, so
"oops, I forgot X" cannot happen.
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