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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ as true.**
- [[First time user?|download#index1h1]]
- [[Download the ISO image|download#index2h1]]
- [[Verify the ISO image|download#index3h1]]
- [[Using Gnome: Ubuntu, Debian, Tails, Fedora, etc.|get/verify_the_iso_image_using_gnome]]
- [[Using Gnome: Ubuntu, Debian, Tails, etc.|get/verify_the_iso_image_using_gnome]]
- [[Using Linux with the command line|get/verify_the_iso_image_using_the_command_line]]
- [[Using other operating systems|get/verify_the_iso_image_using_other_operating_systems]]
- [[Burn a CD or install onto a USB stick|download#index4h1]]
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