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[[!meta title="Startup options"]]
When starting Tails, you can specify startup options to alter some of its basic
functionning. The two ways of specifying startup options are the following:
[[!toc levels=1]]
Using the <span class="application">boot menu</span>
The <span class="application">boot menu</span> is the first screen to appears
when starting Tails.
1. To specify a boot option, press <span class="key">Tab</span> when the <span
class="application">boot menu</span> appears. A list of boot options
appears at the bottom of the screen.
[[!img boot-menu-with-options.png link=no alt="FIXME-0.11: Describe the boot menu for 0.11"]]
2. Press <span class="key">Space</span>, and type the boot option that you
want to specify.
3. If you want to specify more than one boot option, type them one after the
other, and separate them by a <span class="key">Space</span>.
4. Then press <span class="key">Enter</span> to start Tails.
Here is a list of options you can specify in the <span class="application">boot
- <span class="command">bridge</span>, to activate the [[Tor Bridge
- <span class="command">winxp</span>, to activate the [[Windows
Using <span class="application">Tails greeter</span>
<span class="application">Tails greeter</span> is the set of dialogs that
appear after the <span class="application">boot menu</span>, but before the
<span class="application">GNOME Desktop</span> appears.
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