Commit c5066aad authored by Dancus's avatar Dancus
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tradotta una piccola parte finale

parent bf5decce
......@@ -344,11 +344,11 @@ msgid ""
" <span class=\"guimenuitem\">About Tails</span>\n"
msgstr ""
"Para saber a versão do Tails que está rodando, escolha:\n"
"<span class=\"menuchoice\">\n"
" <span class=\"guimenu\">Aplicações</span>&nbsp;▸\n"
"Per sapere la tua versione di Tails, scegli:\n"
"<span class=\"Menu\">\n"
" <span class=\"guimenu\">Applicazioni</span>&nbsp;▸\n"
" <span class=\"guisubmenu\">Tails</span>&nbsp;▸\n"
" <span class=\"guimenuitem\">Sobre o Tails</span>\n"
" <span class=\"guimenuitem\">A proposito di Tails</span>\n"
#~ msgid ""
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