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......@@ -32,36 +32,36 @@ Flow
[[!img greeter-flow.png align="right" size="" alt=""]]
Source: [[greeter-flow.svg]]
<a href="greeter-flow.svg">source</a>
1st screen
When started from DVD or freshly installed media:
[[!img greeter-1st-screen-dvd.png align="right" size="" alt=""]]
[[!img greeter-1st-screen-dvd.png size="" alt=""]]
Source: [[:greeter-1st-screen-dvd.svg]]
<a href="greeter-1st-screen-dvd.svg">source</a>
On a media with a persistent volume:
[[!img greeter-1st-screen-persistence.png align="right" size="" alt=""]]
[[!img greeter-1st-screen-persistence.png size="" alt=""]]
Source: [[:greeter-1st-screen-persistence.svg]]
<a href="greeter-1st-screen-persistence.svg">source</a>
On a media with saved language and a persistent volume:
[[!img greeter-1st-screen-langsaved.png align="right" size="" alt=""]]
[[!img greeter-1st-screen-langsaved.png size="" alt=""]]
Source: [[:greeter-1st-screen-langsaved.svg]]
<a href="greeter-1st-screen-langsaved.svg">source</a>
Advanced options
[[!img greeter-advanced-screen.png align="right" size="" alt=""]]
[[!img greeter-advanced-screen.png size="" alt=""]]
Source: [[:greeter-advanced-screen.svg]]
<a href="greeter-advanced-screen.svg">source</a>
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