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......@@ -28,26 +28,6 @@ little value.
- developer (including stable, testing, devel, and `$topic`)
* get the updated documentation + this design reviewed, including
security aspects [i]
* document how to freeze time-based APT snapshots being used:
./auto/scripts/apt-snapshots-serials freeze && \
git commit \
-m 'Freeze APT snapshots to the current ones.' \
* document how to thaw time-based APT snapshots being used:
./auto/scripts/apt-snapshots-serials thaw && \
git commit \
-m 'Thaw APT snapshots.' \
* document how to bump `Valid-Until` [i], e.g.
ssh reprepro-time-based-snapshots@apt.lizard \
tails-bump-apt-snapshot-valid-until \
tails 2016031304 15
* move relevant content from this blueprint to the "final" design
doc + contributors doc
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