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Add comments to clarify what the filesystem UUID means in FAT context (refs: 15988).

Depending on the tools, it has a different name: mlabel documentation
calls it the "serial number", mkfs.vfat calls it the "Volume ID", and
from Linux/udev's perspective it's the filesystem UUID. Let's avoid
future confusion by documenting all those names wherever we manipulate
this value.
parent 3e82670e
......@@ -332,6 +332,7 @@ class ImageCreator(object):
"--partition-guid", "1:34BF027A-8001-4B93-8243-1F9D3DCE7DE7", self.image])
def set_fsuuid(self):
"""Set a fixed filesystem UUID aka. FAT Volume ID / serial number"""
with set_env("MTOOLS_SKIP_CHECK", "1"):
execute(["mlabel", "-i", self.partition.props.block.props.device, "-N", "a69020d2"])
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