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GitLab: triage specs

Too late, yeah, yeah.
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......@@ -474,6 +474,8 @@ Tails community.
### MUST
* Does not require SSH access to the GitLab machine.
* For every existing Redmine issue, the meaning of its `#NNNN` ID MUST
be preserved unambiguously. This implies that we can't reuse
existing Redmine issue IDs in our main GitLab project, where most
......@@ -653,6 +655,8 @@ Tails community.
context, and then scroll back up to read the note itself.
- It would be really nicer if we can _really_ preserve attribution.
* Existing user accounts
* Convert more Textile issue description and comments to Markdown
......@@ -684,14 +688,6 @@ See "Other issues metadata" section above for some discussion about why.
* Estimated time
* Code syntax highlighting
* List of commits that referenced an issue
### To be triaged
Relevant features — to be triaged as MUST/SHOULD/MAY:
* Does not require global GitLab administration token.
* Does not require SSH access to the GitLab machine.
* Existing user accounts
* Description history
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