Commit c3631c8b authored by Alan's avatar Alan

ASP: remove code to exit if running from live build

Since commit 8dd945ef the ASP dpkg hooks are installed in the end of the build,
making this code useless.

Refs: #14594
parent 15242ed4
......@@ -32,12 +32,6 @@ APT_ARCHIVES_DIR = "/var/cache/apt/archives"
APT_LISTS_DIR = "/var/lib/apt/lists"
def _exit_if_in_live_build():
"""Exits with success if running inside live-build."""
if "SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH" in os.environ:
def _launch_apt_get(specific_args):
"""Launch apt-get with given arguments.
......@@ -395,8 +389,6 @@ def show_system_log():
def apt_hook_pre():
"""Subcommand to handle Dpkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs."""
syslog.syslog("Saving package changes")
apt_cache = apt.cache.Cache()
......@@ -453,8 +445,6 @@ def apt_hook_post():
Retrieve the list of packages saved by apt_hook_pre, filter packages not
interesting and pass the resulting list to the appropriate method.
syslog.syslog("Examining package changes")
with open(ASP_STATE_PACKAGES) as f:
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