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......@@ -42,18 +42,33 @@ little value.
c. **done** decide how many reprepro instances we want/have to split all
this among
d. **done** mirror relevant suites of deb.tails.b.o as well
d. WIP: clean up Wheezy packages (hint: snapshots)
d. publish the snapshots over HTTP
d. **done** publish the snapshots over HTTP
d. **WIP** clean up Wheezy packages (hint: snapshots)
e. manage symlinks or rewrite rules for URL → reprepro filesystem
layout (cf. "APT vs. reprepro: dist names" below)
e. try using such snapshots for building an ISO
- branch: `feature/build-from-snapshots`
- how to avoid re-downloading everything one has in their local
apt-cacher-ng, and filling its cache with files duplicated
many times? It seems that we can't merge caches between the
default `debrep` and our own snapshots: XXX.
But at least we should de-duplicate among our own snapshots,
e.g. using the "merging" strategy (documented on
that is `Remap-tails` with no `TargetURLs` list.
e. publish the snapshots' serial: a file is updated, now needs to
be published over HTTP
e. verify that snapshots newer than 20160311 have the expected
`Valid-Until` field in their `Release` file
d. implement list of sticky snapshots that must not be GC'ed,
including the tool to add to that list
e. implement GC of snapshots
f. implement GC of packages
f. clean up old snapshots that the GC system can't clean up
automatically (e.g. those before 20160311, that have no
g. have build system output the snapshots being used,
and have Jenkins publish this info if available
h. manage symlinks or rewrite rules for URL → reprepro filesystem layout
3. generate set of APT sources [i]
* write automated tests for the generation of APT sources
......@@ -81,8 +96,6 @@ little value.
- convert custom `data/debootstrap/tails-wheezy` into a patch,
or set up the process to update/replace it in the future,
or something (we're using Jessie now) [i]
- triage remaining XXX:s in the script, address what needs
to be
* `tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import`, aka.
[[!tails_ticket 10749]] (`puppet-tails` repo):
- review & test support for multiple architectures [i]:
......@@ -100,6 +113,7 @@ little value.
(`libdevmapper1.02.1` vs. `lvm2`)
- torproject provides no source packages; how does
`tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import` deal with it?
h. publish tagged snapshots over HTTP
h. for some Tails release: generate manifest, import packages into
tagged snapshots, try building *offline* with these tagged
snapshots [i]
......@@ -540,7 +554,8 @@ XXX: find out how we can solve these two problems.
None of these problems seem to warrant going back to the other
option... and having to deal with 80GB+ BDB databases.
E.g. to remove all Wheezy snapshots:
We need to document how to clean up a repository after we stop
tracking a distribution. E.g. to remove all Wheezy snapshots:
reprepro dumpreferences \
| grep -E '^s=wheezy' \
......@@ -692,38 +707,41 @@ HTTP rewrite rules. Here's how.
Let's assume:
lb config --distribution wheezy
lb config --mirror-chroot
lb config --mirror-chroot-security
lb config --distribution jessie
lb config --mirror-chroot \
lb config --mirror-chroot-security \
Which generates this APT `sources.list`:
deb wheezy main
deb wheezy/updates main
deb jessie main
deb jessie/updates main
As a result APT sends HTTP requests with URL such as:
* <>
* <>
XXX: update the following if we decide to use `reprepro gensnapshot`,
which implies slightly different paths.
* <>
* <>
* <>
* <>
The corresponding files in reprepro's filesystem (if we have one
reprepro instance per mirrored archive) are:
* in Debian archive's reprepro:
- `/srv/foo/debian/dists/wheezy/20151019/Release`
- `/srv/foo/debian/conf/distributions` contains `Suite: wheezy/20151019`
- `/srv/apt-snapshots/time-based/repositories/debian/dists/jessie/snapshots/2016031101/Release`,
that contains `Suite: jessie/snapshots/2016031101` and `Codename: jessie`
- `/srv/apt-snapshots/time-based/repositories/debian/pool/XXX`
* in Debian security archive's reprepro:
- `/srv/foo/debian-security/dists/wheezy/updates/20151021/Release`
- `/srv/foo/debian-security/conf/distributions` contains
`Suite: wheezy/updates/20151019`
- `/srv/apt-snapshots/time-based/repositories/debian-security/dists/jessie/updates/snapshots/2016031102/Release`,
that contains `Suite: jessie/updates/snapshots/2016031102` and
`Codename: jessie/updates`
- `/srv/apt-snapshots/time-based/repositories/debian-security/pool/XXX`
To have these HTTP requests translate to access these files, one needs
either symlinks (tested successfully) or HTTP rewrite rules.
either symlinks or HTTP rewrite rules.
Note: this works because APT only warns when the codename in the
`Release` file doesn't match the one requested in `sources.list`.
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