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Spell consistenly 'Tails Jessie'

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......@@ -34,11 +34,11 @@ custom GNOME Shell extension.
The team currently working on Tails is very busy and decided to focus on
the core or the upgrade rather than on the Windows camouflage. We currently
plan to go ahead with the initial Tails/Jessie release even if the
plan to go ahead with the initial Tails Jessie release even if the
Windows camouflage is missing. However, we would love to ship a proper Windows
camouflage and think it's a good occasion for you to give a hand. We'll
provide support to anybody volunteering and work together on integrating
the new theme to upcoming Tails/Jessie snapshots.
the new theme to upcoming Tails Jessie snapshots.
# Where should you start?
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