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Consistency with other titles

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......@@ -18,5 +18,5 @@
- [[!traillink Create_&_Configure_the_Persistent_Volume|first_steps/persistence/configure]]
- [[!traillink Enable_&_Use_the_Persistent_Volume|first_steps/persistence/use]]
- [[!traillink Delete_the_Persistent_Volume|first_steps/persistence/delete]]
- [[!traillink Reporting_Bugs|first_steps/bug_reporting]]
- [[!traillink Report_Bugs|first_steps/bug_reporting]]
- [[!traillink Tails_does_not_start|first_steps/bug_reporting/tails_does_not_start]]
[[!meta title="Reporting Bugs"]]
[[!meta title="Report Bugs"]]
Reporting bugs is a great way of helping us improving Tails.
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