Commit c17a17bd authored by Cyril Brulebois's avatar Cyril Brulebois
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Test suite: work around the (apparently) inaccessible Add-ons menu/menu item.

parent 104f8026
......@@ -53,8 +53,12 @@ Then /^I cancel setting up an email account$/ do
Then /^I open Thunderbird's Add-ons Manager$/ do
thunderbird_main.child('Add-ons', roleName: 'menu item').click
# Make sure AppMenu is available, even if it seems hard to click its
# "Add-ons" menu + menu item...
# ... then use keyboard shortcuts:
@screen.type('t', Sikuli::KeyModifier.ALT)
@thunderbird_addons = thunderbird_app.child(
'Add-ons Manager - Mozilla Thunderbird', roleName: 'frame'
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