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Remove known issues resolved upstream
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......@@ -481,22 +481,6 @@ Last updated: 2012-11-10
This might be related to the introduction of wireless regulation support
in Tails 0.13.
The desktop crashes when run with the default QEMU emulated processor
Last updated: 2015-12-31
Due to a [bug in llvmpipe](, when
Tails runs in a QEMU virtual machine with the default emulated CPU,
the GNOME desktop crashes after login.
To workaround this problem, pass @-cpu host@ on the QEMU command-line.
If you use <span class="application">libvirt</span>, choose <span
class="guilabel">Copy host CPU configuration</span> in <span
class="application">virt-manager</span>'s processor configuration screen.
Touchpad configurations
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