Commit c0ff310a authored by sajolida's avatar sajolida
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Use a shorter display for tails_ticket

The previous display was noisy in most situations and at least I used to
force the shorter #XXXX display in many places, like reports, etc.

I checked in many places that removing the leading 'ticket ' in the
display didn't break the formatting of previous shortcuts (including the
the doc and past reports and news).
parent 75460b0e
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ ikiwiki will include your shortcut in the standard underlay.
* [[!shortcut name=tails_redmine_easy
desc="list of easy tasks"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_ticket url="" desc="ticket #%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_ticket url="" desc="#%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_roadmap url="" desc="roadmap"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_gitweb url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_gitweb_dir url=""]]
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