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Be more upfront and shorter

- The minimum amount can be deduced from the partners page itself.

  Being more upfront will give confidence and save us a few emails.
  It won't prevent us from rejecting uncomfortable partners anyway.

- Recurring donations are a subset of one-time donations.

- Grant, funding, and in-kind on donations as well.

- The link to the page is right below in the list of benefits.
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......@@ -7,13 +7,11 @@ and improve Tails.
Become a partner
To be listed as a partner on our [[partner page|partners]], at least one of the
criteria below must be met. A partner provides either:
To become a partner, you must make a monetary or in-kind donation of at
least $1 000.
* A one-time donation
* A recurring donation (for example yearly)
* A grant or funding for [[some objectives on our roadmap|contribute/roadmap]]
* An in-kind donation (hardware, equipment, travel sponsorship, etc.)
In-kind donations can be for hardware, outreach material, and travel
<a id="benefits"></a>
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