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Draft changelog for 0.23~rc1.

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tails (0.23~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Security fixes
* Major new features
- Spoof the network interfaces' MAC address by default (Closes: #5421),
as designed on
- Rework the way to configure how Tor connects to the network
(bridges, proxy, fascist firewall): add an option to Tails Greeter,
start Tor Launcher when needed (Closes: #5920, #5343).
* Bugfixes
- Additional software: do not crash when persistence is disabled
(Closes: #6440).
- Upgrade Pidgin to 2.10.9, that fixes some regressions introduced
in the 2.10.8 security update (Closes: #6661).
- Wait for Tor to have fully bootstrapped, plus a bit more time,
before checking for upgrades (Closes: #6728) and unfixed known
security issues.
- Disable the Intel Management Engine Interface driver (Closes: #6460).
We don't need it in Tails, it might be dangerous, and it causes bugs
on various hardware such as systems that reboot when asked to shut down
- Add a launcher for the Tails documentation. This makes it available
in Windows Camouflage mode (Closes: #5374, #6767).
- Remove the obsolete account from Pidgin (Closes: #6807).
* Minor improvements
- Upgrade Tor to
- Upgrade obfsproxy to 0.2.6-2~~squeeze+1.
- Upgrade I2P to 0.9.11-1deb6u1.
- Install 64-bit kernel instead of the 686-pae one (Closes: #5456).
This is a necessary first step towards UEFI boot support.
- Install Monkeysign (in a not-so-functional shape yet).
- Disable the autologin text consoles (Closes: #5588). This was one of
the blockers before a screen saver can be installed
in a meaningful way (#5684).
- Don't localize the text consoles anymore: it is broken on Wheezy,
the intended users can as well use loadkeys, and we now do not have
to trust setupcon to be safe for being run as root by the desktop user.
- Make it possible to manually start IBus.
- Reintroduce the possibility to switch identities in the Tor Browser,
using a filtering proxy in front of the Tor ControlPort to avoid giving
full control over Tor to the desktop user (Closes: #6383).
- Incremental upgrades improvements:
· Drop the Tails Upgrader launcher, to limit users' confusion
(Closes: #6513).
· Lock down sudo credentials a bit.
· Include ~/.xsession-errors in WhisperBack bug reports.
This captures the Tails Upgrader errors and debugging information.
- Don't install the Cookie Monster browser extension (Closes: #6790).
- Add a browser bookmark pointing to Tor's Stack Exchange (Closes: #6632).
- Remove the preconfigured #tor channel from the Pidgin: apparently,
too many Tails users go ask Tails questions there, without making
it clear that they are running Tails, hence creating a user-support
nightmare (Closes: #6679).
- Use (most of) Tor Browser's mozconfig (Closes: #6474).
- Rebase the browser on top of iceweasel 24.3.0esr-1, to get
the certificate authorities added by Debian back (Closes: #6704).
* Build system
- Ease updating POT and PO files at release time, and importing translations
from Transifex (Closes: #6288, #6207).
- Drop custom poedit backport, install it from squeeze-backports-sloppy.
- Make ISO and IUK smaller (Closes: #6390, #6425):
· Exclude more files from being included in the ISO.
· Remove *.pyc later so that they are not recreated.
· Truncate log files later so that they are not filled again.
· At ISO build time, set mtime to the epoch for large files whose content
generally does not change between releases. This forces rsync
to compare the actual content of these files, when preparing an IUK,
instead of blindly adding it to the IUK merely because the mtime
has changed, while the content is the same.
- Make local hooks logging consistent.
* Test suite
- Migrate from JRuby to native Ruby + rjb.
- The test suite can now be run on Debian Wheezy + backports.
- Fix buggy "persistence is not enabled" step (Closes: #5465).
- Use IPv6 private address as of RFC 4193 for the test suite's virtual
network. Otherwise dnsmasq from Wheezy complains, as it is not capable
of handling public IPv6 addresses.
- Delete volumes after each scenario unless tagged @keep_volumes.
- Add an anti-test to make sure the memory erasure test works fine.
- A *lot* of bugfixes, simplifications and robustness improvements.
-- Tails developers <> Thu, 06 Mar 2014 14:43:00 +0100
tails (0.22.1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Security fixes
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