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Also test that the I2P Browser uses the expected shared libs.

parent 5af87727
......@@ -31,3 +31,4 @@ Feature: I2P
And the I2P firewall rules are enabled
When I start the I2P Browser through the GNOME menu
Then I see "I2P_router_console.png" after at most 60 seconds
And the I2P Browser uses all expected TBB shared libraries
......@@ -598,6 +598,10 @@ Then /^(.*) uses all expected TBB shared libraries$/ do |application|
user = "clearnet"
cmd_regex = "#{binary} .* -profile /home/#{user}/\.unsafe-browser/profile\.default"
chroot = "/var/lib/unsafe-browser/chroot"
when "the I2P Browser"
user = "i2pbrowesr"
cmd_regex = "#{binary} .* -profile /home/#{user}/\.i2p-browser/profile\.default"
chroot = "/var/lib/i2p-browser/chroot"
when "Tor Launcher"
user = "tor-launcher"
cmd_regex = "#{binary} -app /home/#{user}/\.tor-launcher/tor-launcher-standalone/application\.ini"
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