Commit bf5390d9 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Give tails-remove-overlayfs-dirs.service more time to do its job (refs: #17278)

We currently set DefaultTimeoutStopSec=5s. I assume that in most cases, deleting
overlayfs directories from memory should be super fast, but I'd rather not bet
on this for security matters.
parent d17e4c6d
......@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@ DefaultDependencies=no
ExecStop=/bin/rm -rf /lib/live/mount/overlay/rw /lib/live/mount/overlay/work
# Tails sets a very small DefaultTimeoutStopSec= value, that this
# service inherits. There's a risk that this default timeout is too
# short for our ExecStop= step to complete successfully. Were this to
# happen, the impact would be incomplete erasing of memory on
# shutdown, which is not great. So let's reset this timeout to the
# default systemd one for this service.
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