Commit be35f427 authored by segfault's avatar segfault Committed by intrigeri
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Add quotes to shell parameter expansions and command substitutions

parent 6c8cd784
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ live_user_logind_x_session_id() {
# The value of the Sessions property is a space-separated list
# of session identifiers
for session in $(loginctl --property=Sessions --value show-user "$LIVE_USERNAME"); do
if [ "$(loginctl --property=Type --value show-session $session)" = 'x11' ]; then
if [ "$(loginctl --property=Type --value show-session "$session")" = 'x11' ]; then
loginctl --property=Id --value show-session "$session"
return 0
......@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@ loginctl terminate-user Debian-gdm || true
# amnesia's session and switched to VT2, because its own session was killed.
while [ $tries -lt 10 ]; do
chvt "$(logind_session_tty_number $LIVE_USER_LOGIND_X_SESSION_ID)"
chvt "$(logind_session_tty_number "$LIVE_USER_LOGIND_X_SESSION_ID")"
loginctl activate "$LIVE_USER_LOGIND_X_SESSION_ID"
tries=$(expr $tries + 1)
tries="$(expr "$tries" + 1)"
sleep 1
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