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......@@ -90,8 +90,7 @@ little value.
works on small databases, but on our big `debian` the file
doesn't shrink
g. have build system output the snapshots being used,
and have Jenkins publish this info if available
h. have Jenkins publish the `.apt-sources` file, if available
3. generate set of APT sources [i]
* write automated tests for the generation of APT sources
......@@ -108,19 +107,9 @@ little value.
[[switching to live APT sources at runtime|freezable_APT_repository#runtime-sources]]
4. tagged snapshots
h. for some Tails ISO build:
* **done** create the corresponding tagged snapshots
* **done** build with these tagged snapshots
* check what is pulled during the build
* compare the resulting build manifest, build log and package list
with the one from a similar build that used time-based snapshots
i. release process: publish the build manifest
k. delete the testing `8.32-alpha` tagged snapshot
l. Point consumers of the now deprecated `*.{bin,src}pkg` (probably
only to the new build manifest.
m. if needed, implement GC
5. misc
* implement whatever the "freeze exceptions" section requires
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