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Endless upgrades: add another auxiliary idea

Closes #17815
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......@@ -155,6 +155,19 @@ This survey will be updated in a while with [[!tails_ticket 15277]].
# Auxiliary ideas
## Remove SYSLINUX from USB images: use GRUB for legacy boot
See [[!tails_ticket 17815]] for the rationale.
Doing this move in isolation would have a very unfavorable cost/benefit, but if
revamping our image build & upgrade system lead us to rework in depth, or even
replace, most of the affected software components, it could be a good
opportunity to do this extra work.
And actually, some of the options for [[!tails_ticket 15277]] require
integration with bootloaders, and already support GRUB but not syslinux, so it's
possible we eventually _have to_ fully migrate USB images to GRUB.
## Read-write system partition while the network is enabled
Currently we keep the system partition read-only as long as the
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