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Delete repositories

None of those contributors are active anymore in translating Tails
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......@@ -30,15 +30,4 @@ how they are translated (or not translated) in Wikipedia.
Often, we simply discuss on the [[mailing list for
translators|]] if
unsure which term applies best.
# Contributors' repositories
In alphabetical order:
* flapflap: [[]]<br/>
OpenPGP: `2354 8DDD 83F5 3E54 024C E4CC 73F0 75CE 217E 3C9F`
* muri: [[]]<br/>
OpenPGP: `0A22 2156 C805 923B B6A5 C26A 076D 7386 D16D 072E`
* spriver: [[]]<br/>
OpenPGP: `179E 23A5 4D25 CF05 FC5F A67A C914 7FC5 687A 380F`
unsure which term applies best.
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