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......@@ -11,8 +11,4 @@ Availability and plans for the next weeks
- [[!tails_ticket 8244 desc="Greeter revamp: Decide if we want to keep the wording 'Quick setup'"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 6432 desc="WhisperBack launcher in the applications menu should give a hint about its function"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 7076 desc="Warn against plugging a Tails device in untrusted systems"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8253 desc="a tool to quickly edit (resize...) pictures"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8796 desc="Consider using the purple of the logo as background color"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8586 desc="Create a directory of organizations doing Tails training"]]
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