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Provide shortcuts to installation scenarios from doc index

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......@@ -18,7 +18,18 @@ documentation|/contribute/how/documentation]].
[[!inline pages="doc/about.index" raw="yes"]]
# Download and verify
# Download and install
- [[Install from another Tails (for PC)|install/win/clone/overview]]
- [[Install from another Tails (for Mac)|install/mac/clone/overview]]
- [[Install from Windows|install/win/usb/overview]]
- [[Install from Ubuntu|install/debian/usb/overview]]
- [[Install from Ubuntu and the command line|install/expert/usb/overview]]
- [[Install from other Linux distributions|install/linux/usb/overview]]
- [[Install from Mac OS X by burning a DVD first|install/mac/dvd/overview]]
- [[Install from Mac OS X and the command line|install/mac/usb/overview]]
- [[Burn a DVD|install/dvd]]
- [[Download without installing|install/download]]
[[!inline pages="doc/get.index" raw="yes"]]
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