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......@@ -67,6 +67,16 @@ Workshops
way to help Tails is to make Debian better; let's see how
* **Improving the infrastructure behind Tails**, by intrigeri: getting started with Tails system administration
* **Translate Tails**, by u & others: hands-on translations: how to set up a working environment to improve Tails in your language, it's easier than it sounds.
* **Redesigning our homepage**: building on the strategy from the [[previous
session|HackFest_2014_Paris#website_strategy]], let's talk about our
homepage in more details. See [[!tails_ticket 7082]].
- What are the problems with the current homepage?
- What do we want to achieve with this new homepage?
* **Restructuring our sidebar**: this session will take over the work on the
work of the [[previous session|HackFest_2014_Paris#website_strategy]] to
restructure our sidebar. Maybe using [[!wikipedia card sorting]]?
......@@ -75,6 +85,14 @@ Discussions
to David Wolinsky's talk. Let's think together about it, evaluate
what compromises are acceptable, and come up with good ideas.
<a id="website_strategy"></a>
* **Improving our website strategy and architecture**: in the last month,
proposals were made to improve at least our homepage, and our sidebar. But we
need to take a bottom-up approach and think in terms of objectives and
strategy first, in order to get the implementation and details right down the
road. This session will talk in abstract terms about our website strategy.
And much more!
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