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Release process: add PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION.

This allows us to clean up some instructions that asks us to manually
change things in code snippets, which is error prone.
parent c93128f3
......@@ -92,6 +92,9 @@ Export the following environment variables:
* `PREVIOUS_VERSION`: the last released version (which could be a release
candidate, in case you're preparing a major release)
* `PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION`: the current stable release of Tails. This
will be the same as `PREVIOUS_VERSION` except when preparing a major
* tags:
export TAG=$(echo "${VERSION:?}" | sed -e 's,~,-,')
......@@ -1446,23 +1449,19 @@ Ensure our [[contribute/working_together/roles/technical_writer]] has
announcement for the release in `wiki/src/news/version_${TAG:?}.mdwn`.
Write an announcement listing the security bugs affecting the previous version
in `wiki/src/security/Numerous_security_holes_in_${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}.mdwn`, in
in `wiki/src/security/Numerous_security_holes_in_${PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION:?}.mdwn`, in
order to let the users of the old versions know that they have to upgrade:
1. Generate the boilerplate contents from the template:
./bin/generate-security-advisory \
--previous-version "${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}" \
--previous-version "${PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION:?}" \
--version "${VERSION:?}" \
--tag "${TAG:?}" \
> "wiki/src/security/Numerous_security_holes_in_${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}.mdwn"
Note: when preparing a final *major* release, in this example command line,
replace occurrences of `${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}` with the version number of the
previous *bugfix* release, rather than the release candidate.
> "wiki/src/security/Numerous_security_holes_in_${PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION:?}.mdwn"
2. Manually add to
- if we are not shipping Linux from Debian stable, the list of
CVE fixed in Linux since the one shipped in the previous release of
......@@ -1631,7 +1630,7 @@ Sanity checks
* Add the relevant MFSA to
and commit.
* Verify once more that the Tor Browser we ship is still the most recent (see
......@@ -1770,10 +1769,7 @@ If you just released a final release
1. If you just released a new stable release, remove the previous
stable release from:
- our rsync server:
`ssh rsync.lizard sudo rm -rf /srv/rsync/tails/tails/stable/tails-amd64-${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}/`
(XXX: for final *major* releases, adjust `PREVIOUS_VERSION` to
point at the previous *bugfix* release, instead of the release
`ssh rsync.lizard sudo rm -rf /srv/rsync/tails/tails/stable/tails-amd64-${PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION:?}/`
- our Bittorrent seed: get the previous release's _Transmission_ IDs
(ISO and USB image, use comma-separated values)
with `ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote --list` and then
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