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The magic command has to be run from inside Tails (#16289)

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......@@ -103,19 +103,20 @@ To fix this issue, you can try the following workarounds:
- Try to fix your USB stick
If you are comfortable with the command line and have access to
another Tails system, execute the following command:
1. Reinstall your USB stick using the same installation method.
<p class="pre command">sgdisk --recompute-chs /dev/bilibop</p>
1. Start Tails for the first time and [[set up an administration
Or from another Linux system, run the following command:
1. Choose <span class="menuchoice">
<span class="guimenu">Applications</span>&nbsp;
<span class="guisubmenu">System Tools</span>&nbsp;
<span class="guimenuitem">Root Terminal</span>
</span> to open a <span class="application">Root Terminal</span>.
<p class="pre command">sgdisk --recompute-chs <span class="command-placeholder">device</span></p>
1. Execute the following command:
- <span class="command-placeholder">device</span> with the device
name of your USB stick. For example, <span class="command">/dev/sdx</span>.
<p class="pre command">sgdisk --recompute-chs /dev/bilibop</p>
# Get Tails 3.12
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