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Add minor update and fixed problems

I'm focusing here on stuff that's visible or impacting the user and
make sense to be mentioned outside of the massive upgrade to Debian and
GNOME. For example, I'm not mentioning stuff that was not broken already
in 1.8.2.
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- Make the starting of Tor and the memory wipe on shutdown more robust.
- Sanitize our code base by replacing many custom scripts.
- Update most firmware packages which might improve hardware compatibility.
- Update most firmware packages and Intel CPU microcodes which might improve hardware compatibility.
- Notify the user if Tails is running from a non-free virtualization software.
## Fixed problems
- HiDPI displays are better supported. ([[!tails_ticket 8659]])
- Remove the option to open a download with an external application in Tor
Browser as this is usually impossible due to the AppArmor confinement.
([[!tails_ticket 9285]])
- Close <span class="application">Vidalia</span> before restarting Tor.
- Allow <span class="application">Videos</span> to access the DVD drive.
([[!tails_ticket 10455]], [[!tails_ticket 9990]])
- Allow configuring printers without administration password.
([[!tails_ticket 8443]])
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