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Document LimeSurvey (Closes: #14881)

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[[!meta title="Survey platform"]]
We have an installation of [LimeSurvey]( to
create surveys:
Puppet configuration files:
- <>
- <>
Git repositories:
- *Upstream repo* in <>.
- *Updates repo* in */var/lib/limesurvey/* which is synced automatically
to the *upstream repo*.
- *Production repo* in */var/www/limesurvey* which has the *update repo*
as origin.
Updating LimeSurvey
1. Read the release notes:
1. Connect to the platform:
ssh 7vz7psas6zqqdszg.onion
1. Login as `www-data`:
sudo -u www-data bash
1. Update the backup of the database in case things go wrong:
/usr/sbin/backupninja --now --debug --run /etc/backup.d/10.mysql
1. Fetch the changes from the *updates repo*:
git fetch origin
1. Check the version number in the *production repo* and the *updates repo*:
git log master
git log origin/master
1. Merge the *updates repo* (or the *upstream* repo) into the
*production repo*:
git merge $TAG
1. Check the version in the footer of:
While doing so you might be prompted to apply database updates.
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