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Style guide: update vs upgrade

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Without an article. Not *the Greeter*. Note the formatting as an application.
- **update** vs **upgrade**
- Use **upgrade** to refer to the replacement of a previous version of
Tails by another.
- *For example:*
- If you know someone you trust who already did the upgrade, you can
upgrade your Tails by cloning from their Tails.</p>
- You might use **update** to refer to other operations that update
some data or software outside of Tails releases.
- *For example:*
- Make sure to update your *dotfiles* each time you use the **init**
command of *keyringer*.
- The packages from your list of additional software will be updated
automatically when you connect to the Internet.
- **vulnerability** or **security vulnerability**
And not *hole* or *issue*.
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