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Polish blog post on achievements in 2019

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......@@ -8,18 +8,18 @@ campaign|news/2019-fundraiser]]. Today, we summarize what we achieved
with your help in 2019.
If you liked our work in 2019, please take a minute to
donate and make us thrive in 2020!
donate and make Tails thrive in 2020!
Easier adoption by new users
We focused this year on fewer but critical features to make Tails easier to discover
In 2019, we focused on fewer but critical features to make Tails easier to discover
and adopt for first time users.
- In January, we completely changed the Tails installation procedure.
Tails is now downloaded as a *USB image*: a image of the data
written to the USB stick.
Tails is now downloaded as a *USB image*: an exact copy of the data
as it is written to the USB stick.
This made the installation experience better for all operating
systems and particularly easier and much faster for less
......@@ -41,17 +41,16 @@ As a consequence, more people than ever are using Tails:
- Tails is used nearly 25 000 times every day worldwide. That's 15% more than in August 2018.
- The percentage of people using Tails on Mac increased by more than XXX
since January 2018.
- The percentage of people using Tails on Mac more than doubled
since January 2019.
To continue making Tails more accessible to users globally,
we built a [[translation platform|]] for our website.
Since then, people started translations in Arabic, Catalan,
Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Turkish.
- XXX [[Bopomofo in 3.13|news/version_3.13/]]
- XXX Curated Greeter if in 4.0?
We also improved a lot the usability of *Tails Greeter* for non-English
users in [[Tails 4.0|version_4.0#greeter]].
Maintenance work
......@@ -67,19 +66,21 @@ use.
- In October, we released [[Tails 4.0|version_4.0]], which is the first version
of Tails based on Debian 10 (Buster).
XXX: Summarize major improvements.
Tails 4.0 was our most important release in years. Tails 4.0 adds
KeePassXC, OnionShare 1.3.2, fixes Electrum, updates to Debian 10 and
GNOME 3.30, starts faster and uses less memory.
- We released 13 new versions of Tails to deliver improvements and
security fixes as soon as possible.
- This year, we distributed more emergency releases than ever before:
- We published more emergency releases than ever before:
5 emergency releases to fix 5 critical security vulnerabilities in
Firefox and Tor Browser and always keep Tails as secure as possible.
- We removed less popular software and localization packages, which you
can now install yourself using the [[Additional
Software|doc/first_steps/additional_software]] feature. Optimizations
like these made the ISO image for Tails 4.0 XXX MB smaller than Tails 3.6, which
like these made the USB image of Tails 4.0 47 MB smaller than Tails 3.6, which
was the bigger release ever.
- Tails depends on a wider ecosystem of Free Software and privacy
......@@ -87,15 +88,13 @@ use.
included in Tails or used on our infrastructure. Some of these projects, that we call
"upstream", are:
- [Debian](
- [Thunderbird](
- [GNOME](
- [ikiwiki](
- [KeePassXC](
- [Debian](
- [OnionShare](
- [Thunderbird](
- [KeePassXC](
- [torsocks](
XXX: Complete or find better links :intrigeri:
- [ikiwiki](
- We had to temper several [[!wikipedia Denial-of-service_attack
desc="distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)"]] attacks targeting our
......@@ -96,6 +96,8 @@ upgrade as soon as possible.
You can install *Scribus* again using the
*[[Additional Software|doc/first_steps/additional_software]]* feature.
<a id="greeter"></a>
## Usability improvements to *Tails Greeter*
We improved various aspects of the usability of *Tails Greeter*,
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