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Install an Unsafe Browser red theme compatible with Firefox 68 (refs: #17055)
says that "Lightweight themes have been deprecated", which explains why our old,
custom lightweight theme is ignored.

The only options to fix this are:

 - Create our own theme, get it automatically signed by Mozilla on AMO, download
   the resulting XPI, and somehow make it available at build time.

 - Use an existing theme with a GPL-3+ compliant license.

I've chosen the latter option: this theme is almost identical to the one we
had before.

The XPI is 7.7K so I don't think it's worth devising a more complicated
solution than just adding it to Git.
parent 6531e29c
......@@ -122,7 +122,11 @@ configure_chroot_browser_profile () {
local extension
while [ -n "${*:-}" ]; do
extension="${1}" ; shift
ln -s "${extension}" "${browser_ext}"
if [ "$(basename "${extension}")" = 'red-2.0-an+fx.xpi' ]; then
ln -s "${extension}" "${browser_ext}"/'{91a24c60-0f27-427c-b9a6-96b71f3984a9}.xpi'
ln -s "${extension}" "${browser_ext}"
# Set preferences
......@@ -137,9 +141,6 @@ configure_chroot_browser_profile () {
# Set an appropriate theme
cat "${chroot_browser_config}/${browser_name}/theme.js" >> "${browser_prefs}"
# Customize the GUI.
local browser_chrome="${browser_profile}/chrome/userChrome.css"
mkdir -p "$(dirname "${browser_chrome}")"
......@@ -100,7 +100,9 @@ setup_chroot_for_browser "${CHROOT}" "${COW}" "${BROWSER_USER}" || \
echo "* Configuring chroot"
configure_chroot_browser "${CHROOT}" "${BROWSER_USER}" "${BROWSER_NAME}" \
"${HUMAN_READABLE_NAME}" "${HOME_PAGE}" "${TBB_EXT}"/langpack-*.xpi || \
"${TBB_EXT}"/langpack-*.xpi \
/usr/share/tails/chroot-browsers/unsafe-browser/extensions/*.xpi || \
error "`gettext \"Failed to configure browser.\"`"
# If /etc/resolv-over-clearnet.conf file is empty or doesn't exist, we
# have no clearnet DNS server.
......@@ -12,3 +12,6 @@ user_pref("", true);
// search engine (this could include credentials, e.g. if something
// like the following is mistyped: ftp://user:password@host).
user_pref("keyword.enabled", false);
// Use the red theme
user_pref("extensions.activeThemeID", "{91a24c60-0f27-427c-b9a6-96b71f3984a9}");
user_pref("lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected", true);
user_pref("lightweightThemes.usedThemes", "[{\"id\":\"1\",\"name\":\"Unsafe Browser\",\"headerURL\":\"file:///usr/share/pixmaps/red_dot.png\",\"footerURL\":\"file:///usr/share/pixmaps/red_dot.png\",\"textcolor\":\"#FFFFFF\",\"accentcolor\":\"#CC0000\",\"updateDate\":0,\"installDate\":0}]");
......@@ -24,6 +24,14 @@ Debian packages and is neither modified nor recompiled by Tails.
in the [APT snapshot](
that we created for that version of Tails.
- The [[!tails_gitweb
desc="red theme"]] used by Tails' _Unsafe Browser_ was downloaded
from Mozilla add-ons website
- license: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
- author: [Firefox user 14030863](
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