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Test report about using live-installer

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......@@ -163,7 +163,14 @@ frontend UI
image is copied to the target. After this stage, the Debian
Installer continues as normal, installing and configuring items such
as bootloaders and local users, etc. This must be tested.
[[!tag todo/test]]
> Not usable without a lot of work: there is way too many
> questions asked, the graphical interface overlaps the
> panels (hence unreachable buttons), it tries to create
> a new user account, etc. Forget it, even if it was nice
> to have partman handy to configure partitions and
> bootloaders.
* `live-boot`'s `todisk=DEVICE` boot parameter could be used to copy
the entire read-only media to the specified device; the process
could then be:
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