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Updated release process tests.

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......@@ -114,13 +114,20 @@ Seahorse GUI and FireGPG:
* disconnect the network cable, set the time to an obviously wrong one
(`date --set=12/31/99 23:13:48`), connect the network cable => the
(`date --set="Mon, 01 Mar 2000 15:45:34 - 0800"`), connect the network cable => the
date should be corrected and Tor/Vidalia should start correctly.
(Note: this currently does not work in the stable branch as HTP is
not re-done once it has been attempted once.)
# smem on shutdown
- check that memlockd and udev-watchdog are running, and that the good
device is being watched by the later.
- FIXME: find a way to check that the needed files are really maped in memory,
like by filling it.
- remove tails' media (usb and cdrom) and check that memory erasement is
See [[dedicated page|test/erase_memory_on_shutdown]]
# Misc
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