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Style guide: media

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And not *graphics adapters*, *graphics*, *graphical hardware*, or
*video card*.
- **media** and **installation media**
Use only in rare occasions where it is especially relevant to mention
both USB sticks and DVDs.
Tails is now primarily advertised for USB sticks. We prefer making our
text easy to read for the majority of people using USB sticks than to
be exhaustive and always mention DVDs, implicitly or explicitly.
- *For example*:
- Tails runs on a USB stick that you can plug in and use on almost
any computer.
- It is not possible to install Tails on a hard disk. Tails is
designed to be a live system running from a removable media: USB
stick or DVD.
- **network interface**, **Wi-Fi interface**
And not *card*, *device*, or *adapter*.
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