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......@@ -91,26 +91,6 @@ little value.
to be
* `tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import`, aka.
[[!tails_ticket 10749]] (`puppet-tails` repo):
- When loading the list of available packages in time-based
snapshots, skip symlinks that reprepro generated for us
(e.g. stable jessie). Then, the generated reprepro
configuration will only inject the packages in dists with
codenames (e.g. "jessie"), and once we run reprepro to
generate the tagged snapshot it will create the symlinks
in there tagged snapshots are usable both via "stable"
and via "jessie" dists.
- `reprepro update` in `target/conf` fails with:
Multiple distributions with the common codename: 'updates'!
First was in ./conf/distributions line 137 to 143,
now another in lines 145 to 151 of ./conf/distributions.
There have been errors!
`tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import` should
generate a set of reprepro configuration per mirrored
- `tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import` should take two
parameters: a manifest, and an output directory
- support for multiple architectures? needed for multiarch
that we'll have to use as soon as we want to upgrade Linux
to 4.x, see
......@@ -138,12 +118,6 @@ little value.
h. for some Tails release: generate manifest, import packages into
tagged snapshots, try building *offline* with these tagged
snapshots [i]
i. have debootstrap 1.0.73+ in all our build environments so that
we get the `deburis` file, that's needed to build our packages
listing; same for `libfile-slurp-perl` and `liblist-moreutils-perl`
- Vagrant basebox
- Jenkins slaves
- done: manual build doc
j. convert custom `data/debootstrap/tails-wheezy` into a patch,
or set up the process to update/replace it in the future [i]
k. Update the
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