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Some debugging information for the udev-watchdog CD eject bug.

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In Tails 0.8-rc1, sdmem on eject works when booting from USB, but has
no visible effect when booting from CD.
The problems seem to have something to to with udev not sending events
(e.g. the "change" uevent we wait for) until the device is unmounted.
The following was tested on a secondary CD-ROM drive (so not the boot
device which may or may not invalidate this theory):
1. Insert a CD in the seconday CD-ROM drive (say it's /dev/sr1) and
mount it.
2. Run: udev-watchdog <udev path for /dev/sr1> cd
3. Eject the CD.
4. Observe that the watchdog sees nothing and that the device remains
mounted. Trying to access the mounted filesystem will produce I/O
4. Run: umount /dev/sr1
5. Observe that the watchdog finally sees the "change" action.
Furthermore, in lack of hardware, I tested this in VirtualBox, which
may behave different than real hardware. So YMMV.
When building 0.8-rc1 with the stable kernel (2.6.32-5-486) this issue
does not arise, which suggests that the issue is with the linux kernel
and was introduced somewhere after 2.6.32. Otoh, on my up-to-date
wheezy system (linux 3.0.0-1-amd64, udev 172-1, etc.) I do not have
this issue using udev-watchdog, wich could suggest a compatibility
issue with some other package (we also have i386 vs amd64, of course).
Updating to unstable's udev (172-1) in hope of it playing better with
linux 3.0.0-1 from unstable did not solve the issue either, however.
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