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Release process: take GitLab permissions model into account

RMs are not allowed to edit group milestones.

At some point I want us to figure out who can clone, and propose MRs against,
our gitlab-config repo.

Reported by kibi on
#17747 (comment 150112)
parent d99be50d
......@@ -1873,10 +1873,10 @@ If you just released a final release
1. Make sure you pushed all changes in every of our Git repo (including our
Debian packages ones).
1. Set the *Due date* for the [[!tails_gitlab
1. Ask sysadmins to set the *Due date* for the [[!tails_gitlab
desc="*Holes in the Roof* milestone"]] to a date between
the next 2 releases.
the next 2 releases, via `gitlab-config.git`.
1. In [[contribute/calendar]], remove the entries about the version that you've
just released.
1. Check the Mozilla release calendars:
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