Commit b05edb90 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Merge branch 'kibi/bugfix/15791-update-test-suite-for-thunderbird-60' into...

Merge branch 'kibi/bugfix/15791-update-test-suite-for-thunderbird-60' into testing (Fix-committed: #15791).
parents 3aa82022 e86ba60f
......@@ -3,14 +3,15 @@ def thunderbird_app
def thunderbird_main
# The main window title depends on context so without regexes it
# will be hard to find it, but it so happens that it is always the
# first frame of Thunderbird, so we do not have to be specific.
thunderbird_app.child(roleName: 'frame')
# Thunderbird has an empty, unnamed frame; so use a search on all
# children and match whatever frame has a non-empty name:
thunderbird_app.children(roleName: 'frame', recursive: false).find do |e|^(.+)$/)
def thunderbird_wizard
thunderbird_app.child('Mail Account Setup', roleName: 'frame')
thunderbird_app.child('Set Up an Existing Email Account', roleName: 'frame')
def thunderbird_inbox
......@@ -52,8 +53,14 @@ Then /^I cancel setting up an email account$/ do
Then /^I open Thunderbird's Add-ons Manager$/ do
thunderbird_main.child('Add-ons', roleName: 'menu item').click
# Make sure AppMenu is available, even if it seems hard to click its
# "Add-ons" menu + menu item...
# ... then use keyboard shortcuts, with a little delay between both
# so that the menu has a chance to pop up:
@screen.type('t', Sikuli::KeyModifier.ALT)
@thunderbird_addons = thunderbird_app.child(
'Add-ons Manager - Mozilla Thunderbird', roleName: 'frame'
......@@ -172,7 +179,7 @@ end
When /^I send an email to myself$/ do
thunderbird_main.child('Mail Toolbar', roleName: 'tool bar').button('Write').click
compose_window = thunderbird_app.child('Write: (no subject)')
compose_window = thunderbird_app.child('Write: (no subject) - Thunderbird')
compose_window.child('To:', roleName: 'autocomplete').child(roleName: 'entry')
# The randomness of the subject will make it easier for us to later
......@@ -181,8 +188,8 @@ When /^I send an email to myself$/ do
@subject = "Automated test suite: #{random_alnum_string(32)}"
compose_window.child('Subject:', roleName: 'entry')
compose_window = thunderbird_app.child("Write: #{@subject}")
compose_window.child('about:blank', roleName: 'document frame')
compose_window = thunderbird_app.child("Write: #{@subject} - Thunderbird")
compose_window.child('', roleName: 'internal frame')
compose_window.child('Composition Toolbar', roleName: 'tool bar')
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