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......@@ -457,10 +457,35 @@ Weblate administration
Make sure to enable languages only if they are part of our tier-1
list or discuss the matter on the l10n-mailing list.
- Sysadmin: This documentation currently still lives in
translate-server.git and should be moved somewhere else.
[[!tails_ticket 15086]]
Manually fix issues
We have our weblate codebase at
If commands have to be run, they should be run as user weblate (sudo -u weblate $COMMAND).
However, this VM is supposed to run smoothly without human
intervention, so be careful with what you do and please document
modifications you make so that they can be fed back to puppet.git or other
places if necessary.
Reload translations from VCS and cleanup orphaned checks and suggestions
The following commands mayby run manually if something went wrong:
- Reload all translations from proper folder on disk (eg. in case you
did some updates in VCS repository) to components of weblate
`sudo -u weblate ./ loadpo --all`
Weblate installation and maintenance
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