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[[!meta title="Changing Persistent Volume Passphrase"]]
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Start Disk Utility
To change your persistent volume passphrase, start
GNOME Disk Utility, choose
<span class="menuchoice">
<span class="guimenu">Applications</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guisubmenu">Systems Tools</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guimenuitem">Disk Utility</span></span>.
Find out Tails device with Persistent Volume you want to change the Passphrase of
On the left part of Disk Utility window, there's a list of
<span class="guilabel">Peripheral Devices</span>. Find the one that
currently has Tails installed onto it.
<div class="tip">
To be sure the device on which changes will be applied is the good one,
you can use its brand, model, size by clicking on it and checking
in the right part of Disk Utility window that it does match. There should be
a Tails partition and an encrypted one for persistence as well.
Change Persistent Volume Passphrase
1. Select the persistent volume partition by clicking on it.
2. Click on <span class="guilabel">Change Passphrase</span>.
3. Type your current passphrase and then type twice the new one.
4. Finally click on <span class="guilabel">Change passphrase</span>.
5. You now can reboot your Tails to use persistence with its new passphrase.
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