Commit afeb3e8d authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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tor-controlport-filter: simplification.

I'm not happy about introducing that cryptic regex, but shlex wasn't the
correct tool for this to begin with.
parent 5e7601e5
......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ import glob
import os.path
import psutil
import re
import shlex
import socketserver
import stem
import stem.control
......@@ -89,13 +88,12 @@ def handle_controlport_session(controller, readh, writeh, allowed_commands, allo
if not line: break
def line_matches_command(cmd):
# The control port language does not care about case for
# commands.
return re.match(r"^%s\b" % cmd, line, re.IGNORECASE)
# This regex makes us split on unquoted whitespaces.
cmd, *args = re.findall(r'(?:[^\s,"]|"(?:\\.|[^"])*")+', line)
cmd = cmd.upper()
# Check what it is
if line_matches_command("PROTOCOLINFO"):
if cmd == "PROTOCOLINFO":
# Stem call PROTOCOLINFO before authenticating. Tell the
# client that there is no authentication.
respond("250-PROTOCOLINFO 1")
......@@ -103,22 +101,21 @@ def handle_controlport_session(controller, readh, writeh, allowed_commands, allo
respond("250-VERSION Tor=\"{}\"".format(controller.get_version()))
respond("250 OK")
elif line_matches_command("AUTHENTICATE"):
elif cmd == "AUTHENTICATE":
# We have already authenticated, and the filtered port is
# access-restricted to the allowed users via the firewall.
respond("250 OK")
elif line_matches_command("QUIT"):
elif cmd == "QUIT":
respond("250 closing connection")
# The client will be fooled that it is subscribing to all
# events it requested, but we will only let through allowed
# events.
elif line_matches_command("SETEVENTS") and not global_args.complain:
events = line.split(' ')[1:]
if len(events) > 0:
for event in events:
elif cmd == "SETEVENTS" and not global_args.complain:
if len(args) > 0:
for event in args:
# The control language doesn't care about case for
# the event type.
event = event.upper()
......@@ -138,17 +135,8 @@ def handle_controlport_session(controller, readh, writeh, allowed_commands, allo
# SETCONF can take multiple assignments, but let's allow
# listing them individually in the filter file.
elif line_matches_command("SETCONF"):
all_args_ok = True
for arg in shlex.split(line)[1:]:
if'\s', arg):
# Restore the quotes that shlex munched.
k, _, v = arg.partition('=')
arg = '{}="{}"'.format(k, v)
if not is_line_allowed("SETCONF {}".format(arg)):
all_args_ok = False
if all_args_ok:
elif cmd == "SETCONF":
if all(is_line_allowed("SETCONF {}".format(arg)) for arg in args):
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