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[[!tag todo/code]]
Current Tails builds pick up obfsproxy 0.2.x, that brings obfs3
support. We have to adapt our Tor configuration accordingly, see NEWS.
Implemented in `feature/obfs3`, quickly tested with regular, obfs2 and
obfs3 bridges.
Candidate for 0.18.
[[!tag todo/qa]]
......@@ -13,11 +13,10 @@ At boot time (and probably at hotplug time too):
Roughly implemented in `feature/set-wireless-devices-state`,
handling of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi works fine.
> Branch has been tested succesfully at commit c7e0ca9.
> Branch has been reviewed and tested succesfully at commit c7e0ca9.
# Next things to do
* Write a short documentation page about how to manually unblock
a blocked device (e.g. GPS). [[!tag todo/documentation]]
* Review the implementation. [[!tag todo/qa]]
* [[!taglink todo/test]] on various hardware (merged in `experimental`).
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