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Adding an entry about broadcom-sta-dkms

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......@@ -264,8 +264,27 @@ The following commands, run from the GRUB shell, might be helpful:
chainloader +1
Other hardware issues
Wireless issues
<a id="wireless"></a>
Broadcom wireless network adapter needing broadcom-sta-dkms
Some broadcom wireless network adapters require the broadcom-sta-dkms
debian package as known as [wl]( in order
to possibly work while running Tails.
That driver is proprietary and thus is not and will not be included in Tails.
To find out if your computer has a Wi-Fi card that requires that driver,
please type the following in a terminal:
lspci -nn | grep Network
And check if your device is the list of supported devices by broadcom-sta-dkms
package on the corresponding [Debian Wi-Fi page](
<a id="bcm43224"></a>
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