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ASP design doc: remove implementation details

Will-fix: #14575
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......@@ -78,8 +78,9 @@ empty. It is a oneshot service that executes
`tails-additional-software install` reads `live-additional-software.conf` which
contains a package name per line and install these packages with `apt-get`
(using `DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical` and the command line options `--yes` and
`--option DPkg::Options::=--force-confold`).
(using options prevent questions being asked to the user, see
`install_additional_packages` and `_launch_apt_get` in
[[!tails_gitweb config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software]]).
In the beginning of the process, the user is notified through desktop
notifications that additional software is being installed:
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